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FORCE Technology is a technology consultancy and service company which strives to create positive technological change and a more sustainable and safer world.

Since 1940, we have helped companies through major technological transformations: from rivets to welding; from oil adventure to wind turbines; from analogue to digital. And we still contribute to defining the technological future.

Employing 1,000 employees in more than 30 offices in 6 countries, we are a market-leading specialist consultancy, testing, inspection and training pioneer. And as one of the major GTS institutes in Denmark, we are an important part of the backbone of the Danish innovation system.

Core competencies


Through strategic advice - based on our great professionalism and specialist knowledge - we create the best possible conditions for Danish companies to adapt as new technological challenges and opportunities arise.


Each year, thousands of customers entrust us with their products, materials, structures, largest potentials or worst challenges. We make our comprehensive and unique infrastructure of facilities and laboratories available for testing, calibration and analysis.


We meet the customers through on-site inspections, measurement and data collection. Based on this background, we assess the condition of components, products and constructions – we also assess whether they comply with current legislation.


We are accredited and provide services within certification, verification and inspection of products, systems and persons. In this way, we help companies ensure that their technical equipment, facilities and management systems comply with all requirements for quality and safety.

Courses and education

We bring in knowledge from international standardization, conferences and research environments, while we ourselves develop new knowledge in collaboration with Danish partners and knowledge environments. We share our knowledge with companies through articles, publications, clubs, networks, events and courses.

Research and development

We participate in research and development projects at the forefront of market needs.

Building new knowledge

As one of the major GTS institutes, we are integral to the Danish innovation system. We are at the forefront and help Danish companies become frontrunners in technology and sustainability, and we do this, among other things, through participation in research and development projects with public project funds – so-called ‘performance contracts’.

We provide impartial communication of new knowledge and technology at the forefront of market requirements. The purpose is to build and develop new technology and services that will be of great importance to Danish companies and benefit the long-term development of society.

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Test, Demonstration and Development facilities

FORCE Technology has a range of state-of-the-art facilities for testing of products, structures, components and materials, as well as numerous unique laboratories.

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Revenue,mill. EUR.


R&D activities,mill. EUR.


Performance contract,mill. EUR.


Number ofemployees


Ownership, Management and Board of directors

  • FORCE Technology is a non-profit company.
  • Hanne Christensen, Managing Director
Chairman of the Board of Directors
  • Jesper Haugaard, Managing Director, Con-Wise
Other board members
  • Per Michael Johansen, Principal, Aalborg University
  • Kim Junge Andersen, CFO, Rockwool
  • Tove Feld, CEO, Visionary Growth
  • Martin Kjær Thomsen, NDT Inspector
  • Anders Struwe Mynster, Head of Department
  • Kirsten Grønning Sørensen, Specialist
Employee representatives
  • Martin Kjær Thomsen, NDT-inspektør
  • Anders Struwe Mynster, Afdelingsleder
  • Kirsten Grønning Sørensen, Specialist

FORCE Technology

Park Alle 345
DK-2605 Brøndby

Tlf: (+45) 43 25 00 00