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Danish Association of Research and Technology Organisation (GTS Association)

The GTS Association is the secretariat for the seven Danish GTS institutes. We are five employees in the secretariat.

Our main task is to translate the GTS network’s common objectives and political decisions into concrete activities.

The secretariat represents the GTS institutes external through meeting activities with stakeholders. We participate in conferences, events, working groups, consultations and contributions to the public debate within the research and innovation policy agenda.

The secretariat also serves the GTS institutes internal working groups and networks. We are member of EARTO.

Publications and analyses

On behalf of the GTS institutes, we regularly publish analyses, in which we give a common idea of how the GTS network perform its role in the Danish innovation system. Each year, we publish a performance account that shows the development and key figures of the GTS institutes.

Employees at the GTS secretariat

Ragnar Heldt Nielsen

Tel. +45 4516 2620

Lars Fremerey

Senior Advisor
Tel. +45 4516 2621

Dorthe Sjøbeck Christiansen

Managing communication, web and media
Tel. +45 4516 2624

Daniel Boberg

Tel. + 45 45 16 26 22

Alexander Tonnesen

Student Assistant
Tel. +45 45 45 16 23


More information?

Ragnar Heldt Nielsen
Director, GTS Association

Tlf: 45 16 26 26
Mail: rhn@gts-net.dk

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