The GTS Institute


DHI is an independent, international consulting and research organisation.  Our objectives are to advance technological development and competence within the fields of water, environment and health.  We offer a wide range of consulting services and leading-edge technologies and software.

Our world is water, and our unique knowledge of water environments represents more than 55 years of research and real-life experience from over 140 countries.  We strive to make this knowledge globally accessible to clients and partners through our solutions and software. DHI’s specialist consultancy services involve physical and numerical modelling studies, and our hydraulic modelling software, MIKE Powered by DHI, is a world-recognised brand.

DHI has about 1000 employees, of whom about 80% are university graduates holding MSc and PhD degrees primarily in hydrodynamics, coastal hydraulics, hydrology, chemistry and biology and computer sciences.

Core competencies


We offer consulting and technological solutions in four global focus areas: Marine infrastructure and coastal development, Energy and ports, Water resources and mining and Urban water.

Modeling Software

The water modeling software MIKE Powered by DHI contains a wide range of solutions within water resources as well as marine and urban applications.

Test and physical facilities

Our tests and physical model facilities include deep-water and low-water basins as well as one of the world's leading ballast water treatment plants.

Courses and education

More than 18,000 people participate annually in webinars, courses and tutorials, which are offered within our software portfolio and consulting services.

Developing new expertise and technological services

DHI participates in several research and development activities in Denmark and abroad. The knowledge and technological services developed through these activities are implemented in our projects solutions.

As part of the performance contract period for 2021-2024 under the Danish Ministry of Higher Education and Science, DHI will receive EUR 4.9m per year to develop new technological services for the benefit of Danish companies and industry.

You can see the performance contracts here


Testing and modelling facilities

DHI carries out physical modelling tasks at our in-house model test facilities, including design and installation of offshore wind farms. Test of ballast water management systems is performed at a land-based test facility, and at DHI’s ecotoxicological laboratory we offer tests of environmentally hazardous chemicals.

You can see some of our facilities here

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Number ofemployees


Ownership, management and board of directors

  • DHI A/S is a limited liability company owned by the DHI Foundation (100% ownership).
  • CEO Mette Vestergaard
Chairman of the Board of Directors
  • Jakob Thomasen
Other board members
  • Executive Vice President, Merete Søby, KMD Denmark
  • Professor, Birgitte Nauntofte, University of Copenhagen
  • Professor, Helle Rootzén, DTU Compute
  • CFO, Michael Rosenvold, SimCorp
Employee representatives
  • Chief Hydraulic Expert Bo Brahtz Christensen
  • Head of Department Anders Chr. Erichsen
  • Deputy Head of MIKE Development Gunvor Tychsen Philip


Agern Allé 5
DK-2970 Hørsholm

Tlf: (+45) 45 16 92 00