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DFM is the Danish National Metrology Institute and provides a wide range of services to private and public companies, as well as authorities in areas that need metrology and accreditation.

Every year, DFM develops new and improved services, based on DFM’s research in the areas of fundamental metrology that are of particular importance to companies. Furthermore, Danish companies are ensured access to traceable measurements and reference materials through the establishment and maintenance of national primary and reference standards. In its daily focus, DFM focuses on collaboration with laboratories, industry and authorities and contributes to ensuring the quality and mutual recognition of measurements with Denmark’s international trading partners.

As a National Metrology Institute, our primary activities consist of:

  • Construction and maintenance of the Danish metrological infrastructure by realizing and disseminating traceability at the highest level.
  • Participation in the global metrology collaboration, e.g. in the development and utilization of the global SI unit system through research collaboration and knowledge exchange.
  • Development of measurement competencies of special importance for Danish companies and Danish authorities.
  • Participation in research projects in close collaboration with Danish universities and Danish industry.

Core competencies

Calibration and testing

We offer a wide range of accredited measurements and calibration services, and we provide traceability at the highest level..

Research and development

Every year, we develop new services that are in demand by Danish companies and that strengthen their competitiveness in the international market. Our annual participation in over 20 national and international research and development projects ensures the acquisition of the latest knowledge for Danish companies.


DFM has highly specialized experts who possess competencies in a number of areas. These skills benefit many companies every year. Our many years of experience enable us to deliver high quality results.

Courses and events

The knowledge we bring home we share every year with companies through various webinars, courses and events. In addition, there are a number of publications and articles on the latest research and development.

Building new knowledge

Metrology and metrological competencies are a central part of the basic technological infrastructure of a knowledge-based society. Together with industry and universities, DFM continuously develops new knowledge through research and development projects.

By bringing home and disseminating new knowledge and technology, we ensure that Danish companies are at the forefront of the requirements set by the market and strengthen their competitiveness.

Our R&D activities include performance contracts from the Ministry of Education and Research, EU projects, innovation fund projects and other international R&D projects.

Read more about the performance contracts here


Testing, demonstration and development facilities

DFM has a number of state-of-the-art facilities where it is possible to have various calibrations and tests of items and equipment performed.

Get an overview of our technological infrastructure for testing, demonstration and development here

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Number ofemployees



  • DFM is owned by DTU with a non-profit purpose
  • CEO Michael Kjær
Chairman of the Board of Directions
  • CEO, MHI Vestas Offshore Wind – Bjarne Fjeldsted
Other board members
  • Marianne Thellersen – Executive Vice President, DTU
  • Marlene Haugaard – Senior Vice President, NCC AB
  • Torben Jakobsen – CEO, NESBI ApS
Employee representatives
  • Jan Hald – Team leader
  • Mikael Østergaard Lassen - Senior researcher

DFM, Danmarks Nationale Metrologiinstitut

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DK-2970 Hørsholm

Tlf: (+45) 77 30 58 00