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DBI is an independent GTS institute and a high-tech research company that specializes in fire safety and security. We offer a wide range of accredited services within fire prevention, fire safety technology and security, and work with a focus on the safeguarding of lives and properties.

With more than 100 years’ practical experience and the latest technology and know-how, DBI develops safety solutions to help companies, institutions and authorities to achieve a satisfactory level of safety and compliance with current legislation in this area. We work in the construction industry and maritime sector and have both Danish and international customers.

DBI is a participant in work involving Danish and international norms and standardizations within the company’s core areas. We publish a number of publications and are also a comprehensive course provider of fire safety and security courses and qualifications.

Furthermore, DBI is the owner of DBI Certification A/S, which is an international certification body in areas such as the construction industry and maritime sector. DBI Certification-UK Ltd. in England is a subsidiary that is also part of DBI Certification.

DBI employs roughly 300 highly qualified employees and has its head office in Hvidovre, as well as offices in Aarhus, Fredericia, Frederikshavn, Oslo, and Gloucestershire (England).

Core competencies

Fire safety engineering

We provide advice about building fire safety, and ensure that buildings are of a sufficiently high safety standard and comply with the Danish Building Code.

Fire testing

We fire test construction products and elements for the maritime sector to ensure that they are fire-safe and satisfy classification requirements.


DBI Certification, our subsidiary, certifies both people (including fire safety engineers) and products for the construction industry and the maritime sector.

Inspection of fire safety installations

We perform accredited inspections of fire safety installations at companies and public institutions to ensure the functionality of their systems.

Research & Development

We are constantly developing new technological expertise and participating in projects with universities and research institutions, both in Denmark and abroad.

Fire investigations

We perform fire investigations of buildings, vehicles, electrical installations and appliances.

Safety and Security Consulting

We advise private and public companies about safety and security, including anti-terrorism measures, cyber security, crisis management, emergency preparedness, etc.

Courses, training and publications

We offer a wide range of courses and qualification programmes within fire safety and security, as well as publishing a number of instructions, guidelines and handbooks about fire safety.

Building new knowledge

As a GTS institute, DBI follows technological developments in Denmark and abroad and is constantly developing new technological knowledge in collaboration with Danish and foreign universities and research institutions. Our aim is to make research-based knowledge and technology usable by a broad spectrum of Danish companies. DBI also focuses on the development of methods and knowledge to support the Danish business community as it transitions to greener ways of working. During the current Performance contract period (2021-2024) with the Danish Ministry of Higher Education and Science, DBI will receive a total of DKK 70.8 million for the development of new technological services.

Read more about the Performance contracts here


Testing, demonstration, and development facilities

At DBI, Danish companies have access to modern fire testing facilities that can be used for both development and classification testing of materials, components and constructions for the construction industry and the maritime sector. This allows DBI to help manufacturers to develop innovative and green solutions.

Here you can see an overview of some of DBI’s facilities

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R&D activities,
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Ownership, Management and Board of Directors

  • DBI is a self-governing company working in the public interest.
  • Jesper Ditlev, Managing Director
Chairman of the Board of Directors
  • Lauritz Rasmussen, Managing Director
Board Members
  • Johan Prior Knock, Managing Director
  • Boje Larsen, Director
  • Christian Koch, Professor, PhD
  • Hasse Larsen, Managing Director
  • Brian Wahl Olsen, Claims Director
  • Torben Christensen, Director
Employee representatives
  • Ken T. Olesen, Engineering Academy Graduate
  • Liselotte Jensen, Secretary, Inspections

DBI – Dansk Brand- og sikringsteknisk Institut

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DK-2650 Hvidovre

Tlf: (+45) 36 34 90 00