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Since 1999, the Alexandra Institute has been an impartial digital innovation partner that helps companies and organisations apply state-of-the-art IT research in practice.

We have helped more than 1,000 public and private organisations develop advanced, efficient, secure, and innovative IT solutions that help foster sustainable societal growth.

We provide expertise in the latest technologies, whether you need to analyse or improve existing software systems or develop new ones.

Our areas of expertise range from artificial intelligence, machine learning, the Internet of Things (IoT) and classical software engineering to cloud computing and data mining as well as the development of mobile and web-based solutions.

Core competencies

Software development

We add many years of experience from international research projects to your IT project. It can be in the form of software code and components we have developed in the past and the knowledge we have built up. The software or technology you lack, we develop through tailor-made courses that involve your organization, because culture plays a crucial role in the success of the IT project.


With us, you will find an independent assessment of whether the technology in your upcoming IT project will actually deliver the expected return on investment. Through a deep understanding of people's lives, you get the best conditions for developing solutions that create value in practice. With us, you get your idea and digital solution to work in practice.

Six business areas

We offer advice and development in these six business areas. The areas merge, depending on what need we need to help solve:
Artificial intelligence - Computer graphics, vision and simulation - Digital green transition - Cyber security - IoT and smart products - Digital health including CE marking.


We have a clearly defined method that gives you insight into the lives of your customers or users, which you can translate into recommendations, potentials or solutions. Our method qualifies your development and implementation of new technology, whether you are responsible for it yourself or with us.

New technology in use

With us as a consultant and developer, your IT solution will typically include completely new technologies and software solutions that draw on the latest research results and that have been tested early on the market.

Research and development

Our specialists spend a significant part of their time in R&D activities and work with the latest knowledge together with the sharpest brains from the IT research environments. We have strong collaborative relationships with research groups in the important areas of computer science.

From idea to operation

Print test your solution and ideas at an early stage with prototypes and proof of concepts. The work can then be continued for implementation in your company, where it matures with our specialists before it hits the market.

Building new knowledge

As a GTS institute with a focus on IT, we are committed to basing our work on the latest IT research and disseminating technological knowledge in Denmark.

You will not be locked into specific technologies or products. We have no referral fee and the advice and software development we offer you is based on research.

We tailor your solution to solve your challenge and benefit your business. But we do not start from scratch, as we use standard components, so you save development hours.

And you choose how much you want to involve us.

Because we sit under the same roof as world-class scientists, we are the first to hear about the latest technologies. We work daily to translate them into business-promoting solutions that can be utilized in Danish companies.

Overall, our developers spend half their time on IT research projects with world-class IT research environments. It is your guarantee that we have the necessary research depth required to advise on and develop future-proof, digital technologies and services.

Read more about the performance contracts that the Alexandra Institute enters into here


Testing, demonstration and development facilities

At the Alexandra Institute, the Danish business community has access to state-of-the-art testing facilities, where it is possible to test and prototype software and technological solutions.

Here you can get an overview of some of the facilities created by the Alexandra Institute

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  • The Alexandra Institute is owned by the Aarhus University Research Foundation and works under normal market conditions. As a socially beneficial company, we invest our earnings in new research that creates exciting Danish jobs, sustainable and future-proof digital solutions and solves societal challenges.
  • CEO Niels Husted Kjær
Chairman of the Board of Directors
  • Steen M. Lynenskjold, Executive Vice President & CCO, TERMA
Other board members
  • Bettina Egerland, Director, CONSCIUS
  • Kaj Grønbæk, Head of department, Department of Computer Science, Aarhus University
  • Marianne Kjeldgaard Knudsen, Entrepreneur and board member
  • Jørgen Lang, Director, Aarhus University Research Foundation
  • Anne-Sofie Nielsen, CTO, PEAKON
  • Jakob Langdal Jensen, Principal cloud architect, Alexandra Institute
  • Karen Johanne Kortbek, Senior user experience specialist, Alexandra Institute
Employee representatives
  • Jakob Langdal Jensen, Principal cloud architect, Alexandra Institute
  • Karen Johanne Kortbek, Senior user experience specialist, Alexandra Institute

Alexandra Institute

Rued Langgaards Vej 7
DK-2300 København

Tlf: (+45) 70 27 70 91