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Membership of EARTO

GTS is a member of EARTO, a non-profit international association established in Brussels, where it maintains a permanent secretariat. EARTO promotes the European RTOs (Reaserch and Technology Organisations) and represents their interest in Europe.


Founded in 1999, EARTO promotes RTOs (GTS institutes) and represents their interests in Europe. EARTO network counts over 350 RTOs in more than 20 countries. EARTO´s members represents 150.000 highly-skilled researchers and engineers, managing a wide range of innovation infrastructures.

The mission of EARTO is to promote and defend the interests of RTOs (Reaserch and Technology Organisations) in Europe by reinforcing their profile and position as a key player in the minds of EU decision-makers and by seeking to ensure that European R&D and innovation programmes are best attuned to their interests.

The members elect an Executive Board to manage the day-to-day affairs of the Association.

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More information? Contact:

Ragnar Heldt Nielsen
Director of the GTS Association

Tlf: 45 16 26 26
Mail: rhn@gts-net.dk

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